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For what this girl is about to go through at the hands of her master, she has to have trust in him. And believe me, he's going to make her feel like he's the only one she can trust in these BDSM videos! He makes her taste the leather paddle he's going to smack her ass with, slapping it against her cheeks until her ass cheeks are beaten red. She's all his when he ties her breasts up, and then runs the rope through her cunt lips and ties it tight!

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This mistress likes to teach other chicks about the fine art of BDSM, and she brings out one of her sexy blonde chicks with big tits to show her everything about tit BDSM torture. Her hands are tied behind her back to present her big breasts to her, as she runs her gloved hands all over them. She takes a rope and binds them up tightly, pressing deep into the skin to make her tits look even bigger, and make them feel more sensitive and sore to the touch.

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When you're bound firmly on a table and you're absolutely nude, there's no way you can't be totally obedient to your mistresses! And that's just how these two women love their slaves! That means that every inch of their body is theirs for whatever they want in these BDSM vids. And that also means that the best way to get their slave girl jumping is forced orgasms through their high powered vibrator. Just listen to her scream in ecstasy!

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